Mar 8th Velocir VPN with Wireguard next generation kernel network tunnel

WireGuard is a secure network tunnel, operating at layer 3, implemented as a kernel virtual network interface for Linux, which aims to replace both IPsec for most use cases, as well as popular user space and/or TLS-based solutions like OpenVPN, while being more secure, more performant, and easier to use. The virtual tunnel interface is based on a ... Read More »

Mar 8th We’ve Enabled IPv6 to Help You Join the Modern Web!

The explosive growth of the Internet was facilitated in part by the standardisation of IPv4, the protocol that allowed the provisioning of around 4 billion unique addresses. Today, we’ve run out of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 represents the modern Internet where billions of devices including phones, tablets, cars, household appliances and a slew of IoT ... Read More »